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Schedule of Events

Join us on our journey as we grow a strong artistic and cultural force with our 6th edition of #ArtAfricaMiami on November 30th-December 4th as we debut the recently renovated Historic Clyde Killens Hall at 920 NW 2nd Avenue in Historic Overtown.  We strongly believe arts and cultural heritage is essential to building and sustaining vibrant, healthy communities.  Click here to learn more about why this venue is so significant to Black History, Arts and Culture in Miami.

Wednesday             ART + CHAMPAGNE

November 30th



Guided gallery tour by Neil Hall, Art Africa Miami Founder

Welcome Remarks from Commissioner Keon Hardemon


Passed Brunch Bites and Champagne Bar

Music: ART AFRICA MIAMI Official Play List “Redemption”

Live Performance by: The Saxophone Guy


SPECIAL DEDICATION: Debut of the ART AFRICA INTERACTIVE YOUTH ART LAB, dedicated to the memory of renowned Miami   Street Artist, NOBODY who gave back selfishly to the Youth of Overtown.  Click here to learn more about our Program Highlights.


Thursday                ART + COMMUNITY      

December 1st                    


Gallery Opens to the Public


5:30pm - 6:15pm       

Talk: Neil Hall – ART + COMMUNITY, an introspective discussion on the importance of an ongoing commitment to the Historic   Overtown neighborhood through the activation of art and culture.  [Complimentary Snacks Will Be Served.]                                         


08:00 pm                     

Gallery Closes



Friday                     ART + DESIGN

December 2nd


Gallery Opens to the Public


4pm - 6pm                 

ART + YOUTH - Youth Art Insiders; An Afterschool Interactive VIRTUAL REALITY Workshop with the youth from Overtown Youth Center and Urgent, Inc. powerd by Code Fever. [Complimentary Snacks Will Be Served.]


08:00 pm                    

Gallery Closes



Saturday                 ART + CULTURE

December 3rd


Gallery Opens to the Public



AFROTOPIA, Curatorial Lecture — a not to be missed event!  by: Babacar MBow

The failures and disillusions of integration in the African Diaspora and independence on the continent and in the Caribbean, the quartering and ambiguity of consciousness torn between cultures, the shadows of the Police killing and clarity of Black Lives Matter; as well as the poetry of the real grasped through hip hop; these constitute existential challenges AFROTOPIA addresses. 


"Intersections - Aesthetic Collisions between BLACK Culture + Environmental DESIGN" Talk by: Jack Travis, FAIA, NOMA, 

If you were to ask any American citizen on the street, "Is there such thing as BLACK music"? - Most, if not all would say yes that they have some idea of what a BLACK sound in music is.  Mr. Travis is very positive indeed that this is the response that one would get by asking about a BLACK concept in any of the creative fields: Art, Dance, Poetry, Prose, Sculpture, etc., except of the art of construction or Architecture.  To date, there exists no definitive idea or concept as to what might be considered an African or Black architecture.  Mr. Travis' work over the last 25 years is interested, particularly, in this intersection.  "What dose it look like?"  He posits that a Black architecture does exist, but, under so many layers of denial and oppression that it remains "hidden in plain view".  His journey has been to seek and to define this intersection between his Blackness and the Environmental design disciplines of Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Decorating so as to add to the high quality of the existing Western and American architectural palette.  Learn more about our distinguished speaker here.

3:00pm                       Art Collecting 101-Can I be an Art Collector? WHO, WHAT, HOW do I start?? Talk by: Bahia Ramos, 

                                     Arts Program Director, Knight Foundation & Patricia Saunders, Associate Professor of English, UM

                                     Don't miss the fun and engaging discourse on The Who, What & How's of affordable art collecting. We've 

                                        got you covered with a Miami duo that are both avid collectors and connoisseurs of art & culture. Join us 

                                        to hear their stories on how they started collecting, why it's important to buy art and how it's possible to

                                        collect on a budget. Learn more about our distinguished speakers here.













4:30pm                       Let's Watch It Together:                                               

Join us for a family gathering to watch Ava Duvernay's highly acclaimed documentary, 13th, which draws a direct line from slavery to America's mass incarceration. 


 8:00 pm                       Gallery Closes 



Sunday                   FINAL DAY                                 

December 4th                  Noon to 05:00pm

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