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ART AFRICA 2017 explores how Black Arts respond to the assaults that currently beset the global African Diaspora and the world at large and how artists of African descent and of the global south create modes of intervention of radical autonomy.

BACK TO BLACK: No On/Off Ramps is a multimedia presentation including paintings, sculptures, photography, installation and video as well as performance exploring how alternative narratives confront the resurgence of oppression and the idea of Black arts’ intervention in the cultural sphere as both necessary and urgent.

BACK TO BLACK: No On/Off Ramps brings about 25 artists from the United States, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Spaced between the Pan-African Pavilion at 919 Lyric Plaza and the opposite 920 historic Clyde Killens’ building both on NE 2ND Avenue in Overtown, ART AFRICA 2017 covers approximately 9000 sq. of exhibition-space; doubling that of previous years.   

BACK TO BLACK: No On/Off Ramps honors all participant artists whose works have been deemed retaining a truth dimension of liberation.

Abdoulaye Konaté
Aisha Tandiwe Bell
Antonius Robert
Bodo Korsig
Bryan McFarlane
Carlos Salas
Christina Nicola
Doba Afolabi
Emilio Martinez
George Edozie
José Bédia
Kofi Kayiga
Lyric Prince
Manuel (Tony) Peralta
Maximo Caminero
Miles Regis
Peter Wayne Lewis
Phillip Thomas
Rhea Leonard
Rick Ulysse
Robert McKnight
Saddi Khali
Solomon Adufah
William Cordova


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