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Each year, Art Basel Miami attracts a multitude of art buyers, collectors, curators and gallery owners to our fair city.  In response, museums, galleries, and studios offer a wealth of visual art to be consumed by the masses.  However, there are only a small number of galleries that exhibit art from the African Diaspora, whether we stem from European, Asian, Latin American, African, Caribbean or other origins, The Art Africa Miami Art Fair is the first exhibition whose sole mission is to feature these under-represented fine artists from these various regions.  Below highlights our past fairs.

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Art Africa Miami Fair 2017

The Urban Collective presented for its seventh installment of the Art Africa Miami Arts Fair, (AAMAF) BACK TO BLACK: No On and Off Ramps conceiving the possibility for another world; not the world put in place by Euro-America imperialism.

Art Africa Miami Fair 2016

The Urban Collective led a powerful ensemble with the presentation of AFROTOPIA in its sixth installment of the Art Africa Miami Art Fair, (AAMAF) held at the Historic Clyde Killins Building, 920 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida.  Check out all the fair highlights and special features.

Art Africa Miami Fair 2015

The Urban Collective pushed boundaries, and led the way for innovation and creativity with the fifth installment of Art Africa Miami Art Fair, (AAMAF). This AAMAF was held at The Black Archives Historic Lyric Theatre Cultural Arts Complex.

Art Africa Miami Fair 2014

For 2014, Art Africa Miami combined 2 major events - Lyric Theatre and Folklife Village/Black Archives - into an overall marketing strategy to brand the historic Overtown neighborhood. These efforts became "Soul Basel" and kicked off the art season with the 1st Annual Community Paint Party. This event brought together 5 community based organizations to participate in the painting of a gigantic mural signifying the rebirth of Overtown as the cultural and artistic center for Downtown Miami. 

Art Africa Miami Fair 2013

In our 3rd year, Art Africa Miami continued its efforts and successfully joined forces with two exhibitions with similar missions-Multitudes Gallery, which featured the exhibition "Caribbean Fantastic" and was received with high acclaim, and Fusion MIA, that created four days and nights of well attended event programming that featured top chefs. 

Art Africa Miami Fair 2012

The 2012 exhibition hosted up to 50 contemporary artists from the Global African Diaspora in a tent/container hybrid model pavilion, which drew the curiosity of art enthusiasts, collectors and aesthetes alike. 

Art Africa Miami Fair 2011

Paying homage to the importance of Africa’s artistic contribution to the modern world and showcasing works from Miami's black art community, The Urban Collective hosted a number of galleries that created a large central pavilion and built an entire theme around the art of the African Diaspora...the first of its kind during the Miami Art Basel week.

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