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Art Africa Miami 2012

The Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will occur in an 8,000 square foot exhibition tent at 919 NW 2nd Ave., which is adjacent to the Lyric Theatre in Miami’s Overtown section, and will showcase more than 50 contemporary artists from the global African Diaspora from Dec. 6 to 9.

With a pavilion themed around the art and culture of the African Diaspora, and housed in a grand 8,000-square-foot exhibition tent adjacent to the Lyric Theatre at 919 N.W. Second Ave., the Miami Arts Fair, the first of its kind to feature the art of the African Diaspora exclusively, is promising fare like no other Art Basel event.

Organizers say Art Africa Miami is set to serve as the cultural arts epicenter of Art Basel, and that the exhibition will host more than 50 contemporary artists and an unparalleled body of work selected by a jury of art professionals.

Panel discussions on the state of contemporary visual arts in the Global African Diaspora will round out the exhibition.

“South Florida temporarily transforms into an art mecca during Art Basel and we wanted to give people the opportunity to learn and experience the unique culture of our local Diaspora artists,” said Miami-Dade Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones.

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