Art Africa Miami Arts Fair 2015

Art Africa Miami Fair 2015

The Urban Collective pushes the boundaries once again, leading the way for innovation and creativity with the fifth installment of their Art Africa Miami Arts Fair, (AAMAF). This year AAMAF will be held at The Black Archives Historic Lyric Theatre Cultural Arts Complex. (819 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33136). The exhibit is set to open December 2-6 daily from 11am-9pm. The Art Africa Miami Arts Fair is a juried multidisciplinary exhibition of fine contemporary art from the Global African Diaspora.

Art is authentically a part of #HistoricOvertown’s soul that has a history of contributions from artists like Purvis Young, Gene Tinney, Adonis Parker and others who continue to create energy for the Historic Overtown community. Architect and thought leader behind the AAMAF, D. Neil Hall, AIA continues to be at the forefront nurturing the narrative that art and culture is the vital resource to transform the Overtown community.

The AAMAF is also part of the Soul Basel and Art of Black Miami marketing vehicle that brings awareness to Black art for all perspectives that include African-American, Latin, Afro Cuban, Caribbean and African artistic and cultural exhibition and programming. AAMAF is made possible through the generous support of District 5’s, Commissioner Keon Hardemon and Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency.

The Urban Collective is also dedicated to inspiring the youth of Overtown to serve as agents of change within the arts arena. The Urban Collective Art Youth Insider workshop Friday, December 4 with the students of the Overtown Youth and Children Coalition,will explore the areas of Art and Design, Street Art, Mural Art and Fine Art.


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